I am astonished at how life changing this course was. I learned and grew in unexpected and refreshing new ways. The most difficult aspect was that it ended. I'd recommend MBSR to anyone and cannot wait to continue this important work. I am grateful to the participants in my group and for my instructor. Brenda is professional, intelligent, kind and trustworthy. The class and Brenda's guidance was absolutely transformative.   Olivia Dodson 

The MBSR program helped deepen my meditation practice connecting me with inner wisdom and peace. Brenda shared confidentiality guidelines early creating a safe space for me and other participants to share.  I have learned to respond to difficult circumstances, instead of reacting with a new awareness of the mind-body connection along with learning to trust inner guidance to communicate better improving my relationships.   Brenda was kind, well-organized, trustworthy, authentic, and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Brenda as a facilitator and the transformational MBSR program.  Roberta Dymond 

I wouldn't hesitate to send the people that I love the most to Brenda's MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) classes.  MBSR Instructor, Brown University. 

Brenda is an amazing guide on a journey to mindfulness. It is always better to start these programs with a thoughtful teacher and Brenda is that and more. She makes all her students feel their journey to mindfulness is her first priority. This training should be required for all new hires in all industries, it's that impactful. I highly recommend Mind Transformations LLC, whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned meditator. Paula Mantay  

Brenda brings a sincere desire to create a more mindful world, one person, one mind at a time. She holds space for students to meet themselves where they are, guiding them into a deeper, richer relationship with their minds, themselves and the world around them.  Kim Haas 

This was such a wonderful experience! Greatly supported by science, the mindfulness introduced by you will be quite impactful and will positively influence my class, changing students' lives for the betterWhat a great teaching of compassion, self-love and gratitude!  Urszula, University Instructor, Ontario, Canada

I attended Brenda's Cultivating Resilience workshop recently. I encourage you to go! Stress is killing us. Don't hesitate. Make a plan to join Brenda and learn what is going on with your brain.  Once you understand how we respond to stress, you can do some simple things to live a healthier life. It's not a fad or craze that you have to 'buy into'. Brenda shares valuable information in a genuine and caring way and without judgement.  Michelle Pallas 

Brenda is a skilled and compassionate mindfulness facilitator!  She has such a passion for helping people and has a wonderful teaching style that makes learning about mindfulness accessible and engaging.  Anjanette Todd 

Brenda brings such an alive energy to all that she does. Her passion for healing people from the inside out helps me bring presence and joy into my own life in such powerful ways. Amy Jannsens  

It has been a joy to learn from Brenda!  She is a knowledgeable facilitator in the area of mindfulness.  Brenda brings a sense of humor and realness to the practices and a teaching style that encourages inquiry.  Heidi Stark 

Brenda is fantastic to work with! Her commitment to mindfulness and transformation is inspiring.  I highly recommend her courses.  Cheryl Durand  

With Spring in the air, a renewal is afoot, and it is a great time to fine-tune your exhausted mental/emotional capacity.  I have personally experienced the resilience training courses presented by Ms. Lindsay, a master of mind-body awareness.  I've come away with renewed energy and an awareness of how to tap my own abilities to gain strength to live a more meaningful life.  It has been said that you cannot pour from an empty vessel.  Is it time for you, too, to make a deposit in your "emotional bank"?   Patricia McDade-Ralya, BSN, MHA 

Really appreciated the organization of the Introduction to Mindfulness 6-Week class. Brenda is very thoughtful and organized about the teaching process. Very personable and relates very well to students which helped students to relate to one another. Really glad I attended! Mary Hayek

The Stress Management and Cultivating Resilience Lunch and Learn was eye-opening and couldn't have been presented at a better time. Mindfulness seeds have been planted.  The Better Health Market, Michigan

Brenda is  thorough patient teacher.  I felt like I could come as I am, no judgement and she answered my questions and guided me and the other students through learning mindfulness.  I am so grateful I found the class. I am so much more aware now and present. I have taken other meditation courses, but this really dove in deeper and I was able to apply it to my everyday moment and my crazy busy mind.  I left class with a new appreciation for life and my family.  I'm calmer and more focused. I highly recommend this if you are feeling yourself drift into the oblivion of smart phones and society madness.  This was a lovely way to reconnect to myself and get centered again.  Heather Heffley 

I took the 8-week MBSR class through Mind Transformations LLC. Brenda Lindsay is a fantastic mindfulness facilitator, and the class was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it.  Erin Davis-Bork

The MBSR course led by Brenda was a rewarding journey. I appreciated her encouragement and open style to establish my own mindfulness practice. Brenda cares deeply about everyone's experiences during and even continuing after the course. I highly recommend her as a speaker, leading programs with senior executives or bringing teams together, especially in these challenging times.  Beth Dochinger  

I really enjoyed Brenda's speaking style.  Caitlyn Wilkenson, Casa De Bella

Brenda presented an Intro to Mindfulness series to the therapists in my practice and it was wonderful!  Thank you, Brenda for the work you are doing to help others learn these great lessons of Mindfulness.  Susan Beckman  

I would absolutely recommend the eight-week MBSR program to anyone who would like to achieve more balance in their life.  This well-structured course is facilitated by the wonderful, skilled, and compassionate teacher Brenda Lindsay.  She was very helpful with instructing the course and this made the experience effortless and enjoyable as well.  Alisa Zlatanic

I want to thank Brenda, our instructor, I was able to overcome my language barrier, open up my mind, and share my thoughts and experiences with Brenda's kindness and warmth. Rather than the remembering past, the desiring future, I hope to live in the present, here and now, mindfully.  Bokyung Hwang