The Center for Mindfulness, Resilience and Well-Being

Workplace/Community Programs



We offer introductory Lunch and Learn sessions, half-day, full-day or a series of Mindfulness in-person and online trainings, including Mindful Communication. During the half-day training, leaders and/or participants are introduced to what mindfulness is, the science and power behind mindfulness, and interactive mindfulness practices. These concepts are expanded upon in full-day or a series of sessions with applicable case studies. Mindfulness training can be incorporated with Resilience training for faster results.

Train the Trainers

We also will expertly train your employees who already have mindfulness and/or mediation experience so they can design, promote, coordinate, facilitate and evaluate the benefits of a mindfulness program for their coworkers. When your own employees are trained to run your internal program, it creates a grassroots momentum that engages both the facilitators and the attendees. Leaders, change agents, and employees will thrive during turbulence by embedding mindfulness into their culture.

The Stress Management and Cultivating Resilience Lunch and Learn was eye-opening and couldn't have been presented at a better time. Mindfulness seeds have been planted. The Better Health Market, Michigan


Strengthening Personal Resilience

We don’t have control over most change, but we do have control over how we respond to it. The key to this response is resilience – and the good news is that it can be developed. Learn how to strengthen your resilience and thrive through change and disruption.

Strengthening Team Resilience

Our programs strengthen the resilience of teams creating more agile and productive teams equipped to cope with elevated levels of uncertainty and disruption.


We offer half-day, full-day or a series of in-person and online resilience trainings. We don’t just develop your teams’ resilience, but we measure progress. Resilience training can be offered standalone or incorporated with Mindfulness training for faster results. Additionally, we offer a Lunch and Learn session where we discuss what resilience is and how it can be developed during uncertain times with various self-care practices.

Personal Coaching

We offer 1 on 1 interactive professional coaching to cultivate resilience and remove obstacles that may be keeping you stuck, so that you may stay on track and committed to your goals.

Custom Program

All programs can be customized to meet specific client needs, delivered in-person or online and range from 1 on 1 coaching to enterprise-wide in their application.

Resilience is a skill that can be developed! Learn how!